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Lean, practical counsel to startups, from idea to exit.

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As a startup, you need a legal partner on your rocket ship to achieve escape velocity. We’re all about moving fast and delivering practical solutions to keep you moving forward. From formation to financings to exits, we’ve helped hundreds of startups disrupt the status quo.

Core services

  • business formation

    Business Formation

    We’ve incorporated hundreds of startups. We’ve seen all the classic pitfalls and mistakes. We’re here to help you avoid them and structure your business for success, starting from day 1.

  • general corporate

    General Corporate

    We do more than your big deals. We’re also day-to-day counsel. Whether advising on strategic board and shareholder matters or issuing equity, we’re here to help you strengthen your internal governance and stay compliant.

  • fundraising and venture capital

    Fundraising & Venture Capital

    We’ve represented startups through all types of financing, from friends and family to seed rounds to venture capital and late-stage. Whether it’s valuation, control, or dilution, we leverage our market knowledge to help optimize your fundraising.

  • mergers & acquisistions

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Whether you want to sell your company or acquire others, we leverage our extensive deal experience to help you negotiate key terms in M&A deals.


    IP & Commercial

    We help protect and monetize your secret sauce by negotiating and drafting NDAs, license agreements, SaaS agreements, and an array of other commercial agreements.


    Employment & Equity Compensation

    To grow your startup, you’ll need to hire the right team and motivate them with equity compensation. We help startups avoid employment pitfalls and build a robust compensation plan.

  • Seed Financings: Advised startups in hundreds of friends and family, pre-seed, and seed financing rounds, from $100k to $6m, including Y Combinator alumni.
  • Venture Capital: Advised startups in Series A through Series D deals with venture capital firms, including Sequoia, Greylock, Accel and others.
  • M&A: Advised startups in $1 billion+ of M&A deals, including sell-side, buy-side, and private equity.
  • Startup Expansion: Assisted startups in various industries in growth from 2 founders to 50+ employees to international expansion.
  • Startup Hubs: Worked with startups in every major US startup hub, including Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Miami, and many more.

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